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The Guardian   23 February 2021   Italy   Sicily  
<p>Mount Etna&rsquo;s spectacular eruptions reached a peak on Monday when the volcano&rsquo;s lava fountains soared to 1,500 metres &ndash; a display described by one expert as &ldquo;one of the most striking in the last few decades&rdquo;.<br />Europe&rsquo;s ...
France24   19 February 2021   Indonesia   Jakarta  
<p>Indonesia's Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes, erupted on Friday, belching out fiery red lava.<br />The volcano, close to Indonesia's cultural capital Yogyakarta on Java island, had already spewed lava almost two dozen times over the ...
The Indian Express   27 March 2020   Indonesia  
<p>JAKARTA: Indonesia's most active volcano Mount Merapi erupted on Friday, shooting a column of ash some 5,000 metres (16,000 feet) into the air in its second major eruption this month.<br />Ash and sand-covered areas several kilometres (miles) away from ...
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Express   23 January 2020   Philippines  
<p>TAAL VOLCANO is predicted to erupt in the coming &ldquo;hours to days&rdquo; as authorities urge residents to evacuate all areas surrounding the Philippines volcano.The eruption warning arrives after 731 earthquakes rocked the Philippines volcano on Luzon ...   14 December 2019   New Zealand  
<p>EXPLAINER: Following the deadly eruption at Whakaari/ White Island, New Zealand's volcanoes are in the spotlight.<br />New Zealand has 12 active volcanoes which are monitored by Kiwi scientists.<br />Whakaari/ White Island is one of them, and is currently ...
Express   06 July 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>HAWAII&rsquo;s Mount Kilauea volcano is shown spouting eerie blue flames from cracks in the ground as molten rock and ash continue to spew across Big Island, threatening new residential areas.</p>
Express   11 June 2018   World  
<p>Volcanic eruptions are nearly impossible to predict, but scientists are able to estimate which volcanoes are more “overdue” than others based on their eruption history.<br>Ben Edwards, a professor of earth sciences at Dickinson College, said: "Overdue in ...
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ABC News   08 June 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>Approximately 600 homes have been destroyed by lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island since the current eruption of Kilaeua Volcano began early last month, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim says.The latest estimate of property losses from Kilauea, one of the world's ...
FORBES   06 June 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>Hawaii's Kilauea volcano claimed its latest victim, the picturesque Kapoho Bay as it filled the bay with molten lava flows. Overnight, hundreds of homes were destroyed as rivers of lava poured into oceanfront communities.</p>
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AccuWeather   06 June 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>A small explosion occurred at Kīlauea's summit at 4:32 a.m. HST on Tuesday, June 5.<br>The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported the event as an magnitude 5.5 earthquake. This is similar to other events of the past few weeks, according to a United States ...
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