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Daily Mail   02 November 2017   USA   California  
<p>Stunning timelapse and drone videos have emerged showing the extensive repairs to the Oroville Dam after a catastrophic spillway failure earlier this year.</p><p>Repairs to the Butte County, California dam's main spillway were completed by the Wednesday ...
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Daily Mail   19 October 2017   China  
<p>Construction workers in China are carrying out the last step in completing the world's longest cross sea bridge which measures 34 miles long.</p><p>Engineers began paving the surface of the four-mile-long undersea tunnel on October 13, the most important ...
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Daily Mail   26 September 2017   Iraq   Sulaymaniyah  
<p>Alexander the Great's 'lost city' was a magical place where people drank wine and naked philosophers imparted wisdom, ancient accounts claim.</p> <p>Now, nearly 2,000 years after the great warrior's death, archaeologists believe the city may have finally ...
Daily Mail   30 September 2016   China   Asia  
<p class="mol-para-with-font">A village in eastern China was slammed by a landslide caused by rainstorms yesterday as Typhoon Megi battered the region.</p> <p class="mol-para-with-font">As of Thursday morning local time, 13 people have been rescued, 26 remain ...
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Daily Mail   26 July 2016   China   South China Sea  
<p>A giant underwater sinkhole found in the South China Sea is believed to be the deepest in the world.</p> <p>The finding was announced on Friday by researchers from China, reported, an affiliation to People's Daily Online.</p> <p>Dubbed the 'Dragon ...
Daily Mail   18 July 2016   China   Hunan - Guzhang  
<p>This is the moment a massive landslide swept through a village in China, tearing through houses and buildings with devastating floods.<br />Terrifying footage captured the collapse of a hillside - triggered by heavy rainfall - which hit Hunan's Guzhang ...
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Daily Mail   14 July 2016   China   Shangri - La  
<p>Life-threatening landslides appear to be part and parcel of journeys through China's mountainous southern regions.<br />The latest shocking footage shows the near-miss of drivers approaching the city of Shangri-La on Monday morning.<br />A sudden rock fall ...
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Daily Mail   06 July 2016   USA   Alaska  
<p>A huge chunk of mountain has given way in Alaska, sending 165million tons of rock almost seven miles in an astonishing landslide.<br>Paul Swanstrom, a pilot, first noticed it last week when he flew over the Lamplugh Glacier, in Glacier Bay National Park, ...
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Daily Mail   28 June 2016   USA   NASA, Mars  
<p>Earth’s red neighbour may once have been more like our home planet than we thought.<br>Chemical compounds found in Martian rocks suggest the planet’s atmosphere contained higher levels of life-sustaining oxygen, as well as pools of liquid water.<br>The ...
Daily Mail   12 June 2016   Nicaragua   Masaya Volcao  
<p>Tourists have been flocking to the breathtaking spectacle in Nicaragua as spewing lava lights up the night sky.<br>The lava lakes at the Masaya volcano are incredibly rare and only very few volcanoes have continuous ones.</p><p> </p>
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