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An assessment of rock material was carried out in this study to determine the wear resistances of drill bit due to physical properties of granite and old alluvium. This study intends to provide a current state of-the-art comparison of petrographical analysis ...
Reference: Elecronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 17 [2012], Bund. A
<p>This document specifies the procedure that shall be followed when a Contractor or Permittee is proposing to blast. By following this procedure, the Engineer-In-Charge or the Permit Engineer can help ensure that the Contractor accomplishes the work in a ...
The purpose of this study is to measure the size distribution of blasted rock using the digital image processing software “SplitDesktop system” in order to evaluate the efficiency of blasting operation. Site of study is a limestone quarry producing limestone ...
Reference: JKAU: Eng. Sci., Vol. 20 No. 2, pp: 81-93 (2009 A.D. / 1430 A.H.)
The QuickShot system combines pre-programmed electronic detonators with special on-bench components that enable the user to quickly and easily design the firing sequence solely by using the order of connections. This precludes the user from having to deal ...
Reference: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Shaft Sinking and Mining Contractors Conference 2009
It is anticipated that the work presented in this thesis will contribute towards the understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the blast Ȭinduced damaged zone around underground excavations in hard rock masses.
Reference: Submitted in Fulfilment of the Thesis Requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
This publication is produced by CMPA in order to assist in making quarry drilling a safer process.
Reference: Construction Material Processors Association CMPA December 2004, OHS Support in Quarries 01
This paper explores possibilities to quantify key parameters for rock mass excavatability in drilling, blasting and cutting by TBMs and roadheaders.
Reference: ISRM 2003 - Technology roadmap for rock mechanics. South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2003
<p>This paper explores possibilities to quantify key parameters for rock mass excavatability in drilling, blasting and cutting by TBMs and roadheaders. Although rock mechanical properties play a key role, geological parameters are rarely fully included in ...
Reference: Engineering Geology for Developing Countries- Proceedings of 9th Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment. Durban, South Africa, 16 - 20 September 2002
This paper presents the advantages of rip in contrast to drill and blast.
Reference: COAL AGE, August 1979
The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is responsible for conducting research and developing educational and training materials in the field of occupational safety and ...
Reference: Engineering Control and Work Practices Manual, FINAL REPORT Contract No. 210-75-0029