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Tectonic deformation from the 2010 Maule (Chile) Mw 8.8 earthquakeincluded both uplift and subsidence along about 470 km of the central Chilean coast. In the south, deformation included as much as 3 m of uplift of the Arauco Peninsula, which produced emergent ...
Reference: Earthquake Spectra, Volume 28, No. S1, pages S39–S54, June 2012; 2012, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
<p>Holocene and Pleistocene tectonic deformation of the coast in the Mexico subudction margin is recorded by geomorphic and stratigraphic markers. We document the spatial and temporal variability of active deformation on the coastal Mexican subduction margin. ...
Reference: Pure Appl. Geophys. 2010 Springer Basel AG
In this report is presented a critical review of the historical record as well as an overview of potential earthquake sources in and around Karachi.
Reference: Seismological Research Letters Volume 78, Number 6 November/December 2007
In this paper, we discuss the possibility that the North Anatolian fault (NAF) results from the deep deformation of the slab beneath the Bitlis-Hellenic subduction zone.
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 242 (2006) 85-97
<p>This paper is about Lu- Hf analyses of garnet from metabasic amphibolite, glaucophane schist and eclogite facies blocks from the Franciscan complex that give highly precise ages that allow us to place new constraints on the early thermal history of the ...
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 225 (2004) 147-161
<p>Earthquake rupture complexity is described for three recent large underthrusting earthquakes along the Costa Rican subduction zone, the 1983 Osa, 1990 Nicoya Gulf, and 1999 Quepos events.</p>
Reference: Geology, 31, 455-458
The understanding of the subduction-related processes benefited by the studies of the high-pressure (HP) metamorphic rocks from the western Alps. The most stimulating information was obtained from the inner part of the western Alpine belt, where most tectonic ...
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Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress, Episodes Vol.26 No.3
A deep, narrow, and distorted Benioff zone, plunging from the Ionian Sea towards the southern Tyrrhenian basin, is the remnant of a long and eastward migrating subduction of eastern Mediterranean lithosphere. From Oligocene to Recent, subduction generated ...
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Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress, Episodes Vol.26 No.3