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After 35 years of use throughout the tunnelling world, the RMR and Qclassifications have proved themselves on numerous projects. They stillface misconceptions however, as reflected in recent articles in T&TInternational. Here, Nick Barton, of Nick Barton ...
Reference: Tunnels & Tunnelling International FEBRUARY 2008
This paper questions the application of rock mass classification systems in engineering geology problems.
Reference: SAIMM, SANIRE and ISRM 6 th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction
This paper presents the view that rock mass classification systems are not enough for final design, from experience with major tunnels and cavern projects in the Sydney region.
Reference: Tunnels & Tunnelling International | April 1, 2007 | Pells, P.J.N.; Bertuzzi, R.
The paper describes the history of the Q-system that was introduced in 1974, and its later development. The individual parameters are analysed, and their relevance for the natural geological features they seek to simulate, is discussed. It is concluded that ...
Reference: Published 2006 in Tunnels and Underground Space Technology, vol. 21, pp. 575-593
<p>In this paper an overview is given of a series of classification systems used for rock slope stability analyses.</p>
Reference: ISRM EUROCK:2002, Portugal, Madeira, Funchal, 25-28 November 2002