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Large cyclic stresses induced from heavy traffic can cause significant degradation of rail tracks, leading to poor track geometry and safety. Inclusion of resilient materials such as geosynthetics to reinforce the track substructure has been observed in the ...
Reference: 11th Australia - New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics: Ground Engineering in a Changing World (pp. 241-246)
Permeability function of an unsaturated soil, k(\), where \ is suction, is a vital hydrogeological property that governs seepage in various geotechnical problems. Owing to considerably long test duration, direct measurement of k(\) is often avoided if at all ...
Reference: 5th Asia-Pacific conference on unsaturated soils, Pattaya, Thailand 14-15 November 2011
In this study swelling problem caused by claystone containing smectite group clay mineral in Tire Lignite Enterprise (Izmir, Turkey) was investigated and triaxial swelling behavior of the claystone was determined.
Reference: Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 6(5), pp. 1106-1116, 4 March, 2011
In this study are developed and presented results from a time-forward three-dimensional (3-D) model of the San Andreas fault system near its Big Bend in southern California.
This paper provides a review of hydromechanical (HM) couplings in fractured rock, with special emphasis on HM interactions as a result of or directly connected with human activities.
Reference: Published in Hydrogeology Journal, Volume 11, Number 1, Pages: 7 - 40, 143
The San Andreas fault in California has long been thought to be far weaker than given by the Anderson-Byerlee state because of the lack of a heat-flow anomaly adjacent to the fault as predicted by a steady-state conductive model of frictional heating. Here ...
Reference: Geology; February 2000; v. 28; no. 2; p. 163-166;
In this investigation, three laboratory experiments were conducted to better characterize the coupling between fluid pressure, stress, and strain in porous rock.
Reference: "A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Geophysics) at the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON 2000"
The history of stress around a circular tunnel during excavation in a homogeneous, isotropic, linear elastic or plastic medium with a strain softening behavior, subjected to either isotropic (Ko = 1) or anisotropic (Ko = 2) state of stress, in 3D conditions ...
Reference: Rivista Italiana Di Geotechnica 1/2000
To provide a better understanding of the mechanics of strata deformation, the authors have collected and reviewed measurements of convergence and stress in one western U.S. mine and have completed pseudo-three-dimensional, boundary-element modeling for two ...
Reference: Design and Construction in Mining, Petroleum and Civil Engineering, 1998, Nov
The U.S. Bureau of Mines is investigating longwall panel layouts to maximize coal recovery and minimize interactive problems in multiple-seam operations. When coalbeds are longwall-mined in descending order, the transfer of stress from overlying gate roads ...
Reference: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Information Circular 9305