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Lithospheric deformation on Earth is localized under both brittle and ductile deformation conditions. As high-temperature ductile rheologies are fundamentally strain-rate hardening, the formation of localized ductile shear zones must involve a structural or ...
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology xxx (2013) 1e13
Lee J. et al.  
In this paper is reported the first ion microprobe U/Pb zircon ages from mid-crustal rocks of MabjaDome, the results of which constrain the onset of peak metamorphism and duration of ductile extension.
Reference: Geology, January 2007; v7. 35; no. 1; p. 45-48
Analysis of the deformation path in naturally deformed rocks can theoretically be carried out on any volume of material which gives evidence of relatively homogeneous deformation on some scale of observation. For a complete description of the deformation and ...
Reference: GeologischeRundschau 77/1 [309-318], Stuttgart 1988
<p>In weak or faulted rock and high overburden considerable displacements occur during excavation of tunnels and galleries. In most cases the behaviour of the ground is not ductile, but governed by different failure modes. In the design stage it is important ...
Engineering Demand Parameters, such as inter-storey drift or floor accelerations, can be correlated to damage within the structure. While current code provisions exist to estimate Engineering Demand Parameters to use in design of components within the structure, ...
Reference: NZSEE Annual Technical Conference & AGM, 13-15 April 2012, Christchurch