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Express   06 July 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>HAWAII&rsquo;s Mount Kilauea volcano is shown spouting eerie blue flames from cracks in the ground as molten rock and ash continue to spew across Big Island, threatening new residential areas.</p>
Express   11 June 2018   World  
<p>Volcanic eruptions are nearly impossible to predict, but scientists are able to estimate which volcanoes are more “overdue” than others based on their eruption history.<br>Ben Edwards, a professor of earth sciences at Dickinson College, said: "Overdue in ...
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Express   16 May 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>HAWAII’s Kilauea volcano could be about to come more violent after intensified explosions sent ash clouds 12,000 feet into the sky, triggering a red alert warning. Here is the latest news and updates.</p>
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Express   23 January 2018   USA   Alaska  
<p>ALASKA has been hit by a huge 7.9 magnitude earthquake today, with officials issuing an "extraordinary" tsunami warnings of a "threat to life and property" in towns of Kodiak and Anchorage and a watch for the entire US west coast.</p><p>The quake hit 157 ...
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Express   13 October 2017   USA   Wyoming  
<p>A YELLOWSTONE volcanic eruption could send a wave of lava and ash towards millions of Americans - with THESE US cities at risk.</p> <p>The supervolcano quietly bubbling away beneath Yellowstone National Park could devastate the western half of the USA if ...
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Express   04 October 2017   USA   New York  
<p>EARTH&rsquo;S most devastating extinction was triggered by Siberian volcanic eruptions 250 million years ago, scientists claim.</p> <p>Hardly any species survived the Great Permian Extinction, known as the &ldquo;Great Dying&rdquo;.</p> <p>The event wiped ...
Express   22 August 2017   Italy   Ischia  
<p>The 4.5 magnitude quake hit the tourist hotspot at 8:57pm local time (7:57pm UK time), according to Italian authorities.</p><p>Two women died and 39 people are injured – at least one of them seriously – after the earthquake struck.</p><p>Seven are still ...
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