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News24   07 December 2019   South Africa  
<p>The bodies of three of the four mineworkers who were trapped in a gold mine near Orkney were recovered by rescue workers on Saturday evening.<br>Village Main Reef (VMR) spokesperson James Duncan said the recoveries at the Tau Lekoa mine were made at around ...
BBC NEWS   10 December 2018   UK   Cornwall  
<p>Part of a cliff collapsing in Cornwall has been caught on camera by a woman out walking.</p> <p>Deborah Smith was at Lynstone Road, Bude, when she said she noticed "some little bits going, then saw the rocks moving and quickly videoed it".</p>
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Greek Reporter   13 September 2018   Greece   Zakynthos  
<p>Three tourists were injured on Thursday following a landslide at the world-renowned beach of Navagio in the Greek island of Zakynthos.</p> <p>Their nationalities are not yet known.</p> <p>The three were transferred to the Zakynthos General Hospital, while ...
Filed under: Natural Hazards   13 September 2017   New Zealand   Manawatu Gorge  
<p>The Manawatū Gorge could experience a rock fall 170 times larger than the two slips that caused the state highway to close in April.<br />The NZ Transport Agency expects as much as 630,000 cubic metres to drop at Kerry's wall, near the Ashhurst end, which ...
Daily Mail   14 July 2016   China   Shangri - La  
<p>Life-threatening landslides appear to be part and parcel of journeys through China's mountainous southern regions.<br />The latest shocking footage shows the near-miss of drivers approaching the city of Shangri-La on Monday morning.<br />A sudden rock fall ...
Filed under: Natural Hazards   06 July 2016   New Zealand   Christchurch  
<p>Dozens of Christchurch property owners barred from their houses because of the risk of rock fall can return after the law keeping them out expired.</p> <p>However, the Christchurch City Council is advising them not to reoccupy many of the buildings, as ...
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Mirror   14 June 2016   Croatia   Dubrovnik  
<p>These shocking pictures show the aftermath of the moment a huge rock fell from a cliff and crashed into a house.</p> <p>A massive boulder crashed down from a cliff in Dubrovnik, Croatia, hit a road barrier and tumbled into a child's bedroom window.</p>
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Daily Mail   23 April 2016   China   Liuliao Village  
<p>A Chinese primary school was severely damaged by a landslide yesterday leaving at least 21 pupils injured.</p> <p>The incident occurred at 11:30am at Fushi Town's Liuliao Village in Rong'an County, southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according ...
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Science News   28 March 2016   USA   Yosemite, California  
<p>As the weather warms, watch for falling rocks. While monitoring a cracked cliff in Yosemite National Park, researchers watched the fissure widen as temperatures rose. The risk of rockfalls could increase as climate change cranks the thermostat, one scientist ...
BBC NEWS   14 February 2016   New Zealand   Christchurch  
<p>Cliffs have collapsed in New Zealand during an earthquake in the city of Christchurch on the South Island.<br />No serious damage or fatalities were reported in the Valentine's Day quake that struck at 13:13 local time (00.13 GMT).</p>
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