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<p>With the urban population increasing, conurbation is getting more and more crowed, traffic jam happens everywhere. In this case, utilization of the underground space has become an effective way to undertake this set of problems. Tunnel construction is one ...
Reference: EJGE, Vol. 21 [2016], Bund. 14
In this paper the structural relationships and their interpretations were investigated and analyzed in detail with the aim of unravelling the tectonic evolution of the Nigerian basement.
Reference: Journal of Engineering and Technology Research Vol. 3(4), pp. 133-138, April 2011
Relative chronology of landscape evolution across the unglaciated Appalachian plateaus of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: "Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 32, 874-887 (2007)"
This publication is a series of lecture notes on Coastal Geology from University of Hawaii
Filed under: Geology -  Coastal Geology
Reference: Geology 420 Coastal Geology
This paper presents a plate-scale model for the Precambrian growth and evolution of the North American continent.
Reference: Geosphere; August 2007; v. 3; no. 4; p. 220-259;
The purpose of this paper is to describe the procedures and thought processes used by coal mine geologists when determining various mineability and reserve extraction feasibility issues. The paper will also address underground geologic hazard mapping and prediction ...
Reference: 25th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, August 1-3, 2006, Morgantown, West Virginia
<p>Overbreak is a considerable cost factor in underground construction. In literature virtually no information is available relating rock mechanical parameters quantitatively to overbreak. During the construction (drilling, blasting&amp;mucking) of the Soumagne ...
Reference: EUROCK 2006 – Multiphysics Coupling and Long Term Behaviour in Rock Mechanics, Van Cotthem, Charlier, Thimus & Tshibangu (eds) 2006 Taylor & Francis Group, London
This paper reports briefly all the information reported in related papers for the Vaiont landslide, referring to the geological studies, to the chronology of events before 9th October 1963 and to the different interpretations of the landslide triggering and ...
Reference: Giornale di Geologia Applicata 1 (2005) 41-52,
In this paper are reported results from geomorphic and paleoseismological investigations of the Crescent fault (Nevada) and discuss their implications for models of fault system dynamics.
Reference: TECTONICS, VOL. 23, TC2015, doi:10.1029/2003TC001528, 2004
This paper explores methods for predicting unforeseen geological conditions in large civil engineering projects.
Reference: "Keynote address for Theme I - International Association of Engineering Geologists Congress, Vancouver, Canada, September 21 to 25, 1998"