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A case study is presented using Northparkes Mine microseismic (MS) events located by forward calculating P- and S-wave travel times using ray-tracing and wavefront construction techniques through velocity structures that mimic heterogeneity and damage in the ...
Reference: Proceedings 6th Int. Conference and Exhibition on Mass Mining, Massmin 2012. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, June 10-14 2012.
The Geologic Resources Division of the National Park Service initiated and funded the development of this manual to provide guidance for resource managers seeking to establish the status and trends of geologic resources and processes within the National Park ...
Reference: The Geological Society of America
A global review of karst World Heritage properties: present situation,future prospects and management requirements
Reference: "World Heritage Convention IUCN World Heritage Studies 2008 Number Two"
Relative chronology of landscape evolution across the unglaciated Appalachian plateaus of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: "Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 32, 874-887 (2007)"
The Jabal Al Qarah Caves, located approximately 13 km east of Al Hofuf, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, are an intricate cave system developed in the calcareous sandstone, marl and clay of the Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene Hofuf Formation. Physiographically, ...
Reference: Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, v. 68, no. 1, p. 12–21, 2006
TBM in karstic features. Investigation of karstic system and hydrodynamics. Methods surveys results.
Reference: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (2005) 5: 243-250
A case history of a static evaluation of some shallow caves in the karstic geologic region of East Tennessee is presented. The evaluation consists of three parts: (1) characterization of the bedrock voids and openings, (2) rock characterization, and (3) finite ...
Reference: 2001: A Geo-Odyssey - Foundations and Ground Improvement, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 113, Blacksburg, VA, 2001
A site with shallow karst bedrock is characterized for engineering purposes by examination and testing of rock samples and by classification of the rock mass according to the RMR system. For all of the rock samples, an RMR of 65 was assigned. For the cave ...
Reference: 8th Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst, Louisville KY, 2001
This report focuses on three principal processes causing land subsidence: the compaction of aquifer systems, the oxidation of organic soils, and the collapse of cavities in carbonate and evaporite rocks.
Reference: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1182, 175 p.