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The selection of the blast damage factor D is a technical support question that arises frequently in relation to the use of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. This note sets out the origin and background of this factor and provides some guidance on its selection ...
Reference: Technical note for RocNews - February 2, 2012 Winter 2012 Issue
Since 2001, the Hybrid Stress Blast Model (HSBM) project members have developed a software suite to model the complete blasting process from non-ideal detonation to muck pile formation. To preserve the physics and improve solution time, the breakage engine ...
Reference: The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, VOLUME 112, AUGUST 2012
<p>This document specifies the procedure that shall be followed when a Contractor or Permittee is proposing to blast. By following this procedure, the Engineer-In-Charge or the Permit Engineer can help ensure that the Contractor accomplishes the work in a ...
This paper presents part of the work on ground vibrations induced by blasting, and to estimate safe maximum charge per delay to protect the nearby structures.
Reference: International Conference on climate change perspectives and projections - a system approach, Hydearabd 9-11 December 2010
The purpose of this study is to measure the size distribution of blasted rock using the digital image processing software “SplitDesktop system” in order to evaluate the efficiency of blasting operation. Site of study is a limestone quarry producing limestone ...
Reference: JKAU: Eng. Sci., Vol. 20 No. 2, pp: 81-93 (2009 A.D. / 1430 A.H.)
The QuickShot system combines pre-programmed electronic detonators with special on-bench components that enable the user to quickly and easily design the firing sequence solely by using the order of connections. This precludes the user from having to deal ...
Reference: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Shaft Sinking and Mining Contractors Conference 2009
It is anticipated that the work presented in this thesis will contribute towards the understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the blast Ȭinduced damaged zone around underground excavations in hard rock masses.
Reference: Submitted in Fulfilment of the Thesis Requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
This paper presents results of a project undertaken to monitor, review and optimize the trim blasting and pre-splitting processes at Orapa Diamond Mine in Botswana. The project was specifically incepted to improve the final wall conditions, which continued ...
Reference: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Surface Mining 2008
The aim of this paper is to introduce a robust methodology for the analytical calculation of strains in flexible buried pipelines due to surface point-source blasts.
Reference: International Journal of Impact Engineering 34 (2007) 1683-1704
In this publication is discussed the application of blasting technology to the creation of excavations in rock and the influence of the excavation techniques upon the stability of the remaining rock.
Reference: Practical Rock Engineering e-notes 2007