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<p>In this study, dendrogeomorphic techniques are employed to analyse the temporal frequency and spatial distribution of rockfalls on a talus slope of La Teta valley, located on the NW slopes of Cofre de Perote volcano at ~4000 m above sea level. Based on ...
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Reference: Geomorphology 290 (2017) 142–152
<p>Coloumbo submarine volcano lies 6.5 km offshore the NE part ofthe Santorini island complex and exhibits high seismicity along with vigorous hydrothermal activity. This study models the local stress field around Coloumbo&rsquo;s magma chamber and investigates ...
Reference: Journal of Geodynamics 54 (2012) 13–20
Augustine Volcano is the youngest and historically most active volcano in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska. This paper is about the earthquake evolution of this volcano.
Reference: "The 2006 Eruption of Augustine Volcano, Alaska Power, J.A., Coombs, M.L., and Freymueller, J.T., editors U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1769"
<p>Over the past several years, the Mt. Amiata volcanogeothermal area has drawn the attention of the Italian scientific community for an environmental impact assessment concerning any interactions between the geothermal exploitation and the fresh water resources ...
Reference: Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2010 Bali, Indonesia, 25-29 April 2010
Minimization differences on Cellular Automata approach to predict new inundated area of hot mudflow on LUSI mud eruption disaster which occurred in Sidoarjo area is proposed. There are three characteristics of hot mudflow that is unique such as surface material ...
Reference: International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science, Volume XXXVIII, Part 8, Kyoto Japan 2010
Space borne differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry (DInSAR) has already proven its potential for mapping ground deformation phenomena, e.g. earthquakes, volcano dynamics, etc covering in continuity large areas. The innovative Persistent Scatterers ...
Reference: Proceedings of the 12th International Congress, Patras, May, 2010
Families of similar earthquakes at shallow depths occurring over multiple timescales have been identified prior to and during the 2005-2006 eruption of Augustine Volcano. The use of conventional and double-difference location methods failed to result in stable ...
Reference: Geophys. J. Int. (2009) 176, 1017-1022
In this paper is reported results of changes in elastic moduli measured during increasing amplitude cyclic stressing experiments on dry and water-saturated samples of Etna basalt.
Reference: Tectonophysics 471 (2009) 153–160
<p>In this paper, the earthquake-induced liquefaction phenomena are presented while a map of the area (NW Peloponnesus) was compiled showing their distribution.</p>
Reference: "31st General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission ESC 2008 Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, 7-12 September 2008"
In this paper waveform cross-correlation with bispectrum verification is combined with double-difference tomography to increase the precision of earthquake locations and constrain regional 3D P-wave velocity heterogeneity at Great Sitkin volcano, Alaska.
Reference: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 98, No. 5, pp. 2428-2448, October 2008
Science Alert   20 May 2019   World  
<p>Researchers have pinpointed a previously unknown source of volcanoes in the extreme depths of Earth - in the transition zone between the upper and lower mantle.<br />Until now, we thought we had a handle on the ways in which volcanoes form, welling up from ...
CNN   06 May 2019   Philippines   Ilocos Norte  
<p>Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 6) &mdash; A 5.4 magnitude earthquake jolted Ilocos Norte and nearby provinces on Monday morning, but there were no immediate reports of damage.<br />The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology initially put ...
BBC NEWS   19 February 2019   North Sea  
<p>The Rattray Volcanic Province had been thought to contain empty magma chambers, making it unsuitable for oil formation.<br />As a result, the 7,000 sq km area of the central North Sea was dismissed as a potential area for exploration.<br />But geologists ...
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The Guardian   23 December 2018   Indonesia   Sunda Strait  
<p>At least 222 people have been killed and 843 injured after a tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia&rsquo;s Sunda Strait.<br />Twenty-eight people are missing and authorities expect the death toll to rise as many affected areas have not yet been reached.<br ...
Business Insider   07 November 2018   USA   California  
<p>In October, the US Geological Survey released a new report detailing the relative threats posed by volcanoes in the United States. It was the first updated threat assessment since 2005, and officials will use the data to prioritize volcanoes for research ...
Express   06 July 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>HAWAII&rsquo;s Mount Kilauea volcano is shown spouting eerie blue flames from cracks in the ground as molten rock and ash continue to spew across Big Island, threatening new residential areas.</p>
CNN   26 June 2018   Hawaii  
<p>(CNN) - For the fifth day in a row, an explosion at the Kilauea summit erupted with a force equivalent to a magnitude 5.3 earthquake.</p> <p>Monday's event happened at 5:03 p.m. local time, with a plume that reached less than 2,000 feet. It didn't cause ...
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Express   11 June 2018   World  
<p>Volcanic eruptions are nearly impossible to predict, but scientists are able to estimate which volcanoes are more “overdue” than others based on their eruption history.<br>Ben Edwards, a professor of earth sciences at Dickinson College, said: "Overdue in ...
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ABC News   08 June 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>Approximately 600 homes have been destroyed by lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island since the current eruption of Kilaeua Volcano began early last month, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim says.The latest estimate of property losses from Kilauea, one of the world's ...
FORBES   06 June 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>Hawaii's Kilauea volcano claimed its latest victim, the picturesque Kapoho Bay as it filled the bay with molten lava flows. Overnight, hundreds of homes were destroyed as rivers of lava poured into oceanfront communities.</p>
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